Nationwide NC: The number of places to study is limited nationwide. Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren (DOSV) Plattform zur Koordinierung der örtlichen Auswahlverfahren der Hochschulen. Credit hour per week; 1 SWS equals a lesson of 45 minutes per week for one semester; however, most courses at the TU last 90 minutes (double lesson = 2 SWS), A course that is lead by a lecturer or an assistant and asks for the students’ active contribution, Senate; university board that makes fundamental decisions (particularly regarding studies, research, and instruction), Saxon State and University Library Dresden (Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden), State exam; final exam in courses of study that entitle the graduate to work in public service or in state-controlled professions, Scholarships; possibility of financing studies; often awarded by foundations, Student identity card; ID card for students, required for many special student deals. TU Dresden Official Announcements contains all. Auf unserer Webseite werden Cookies verwendet. New orientation regarding the subject Dipl.-Hdl. Informationen rund um den Studiengang Chemie (Bachelor of Science) an der Technische Universität Dresden am Standort Dresden ... Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren (Bewerbung bei / Hochschule) Abschluss. Internally accredited programmes receive the seal of the German Accreditation Council after successful system accreditation. M. Monetary Donation (Announcement) (Form D1.6/31 from 22.04.2020) Announcement of a Monetary Donation, filled in by the sponsor. 2D- Kameras und 3D-Kameras sind wichtige Sensoren für Navigation mobiler Roboter. Bachelor of Science. Non-EU nationals apply directly to Anzeige. 2,5; oder TU- Zert. version Please find further information on the Studienkolleg pages. Therefore, you need to apply for an applicant ID and BAN via Hochschulstart, before submitting your application to TU Dresden… Vergleichbare Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, Pertains to German degrees that are comparable to the German Abitur Please find further information on the. a comparable qualification for admission to higher education. 2. Subject-specific continuation and consolidation of the preceding Bachelor’s degree or Anmerkungen: auch Teilzeitstudium. The rector, head of a university, is elected by the members of the extended senate and represents the university (term of office: 5 years). Lat. EBW (1-3)/GER B2+ mind. The two most important prerequisites are sufficient German language skills (with the exception of applicants for master’s programmes in English) as well as an equivalent school or university degree. During the studies courses in the following areas are mandatory: Basics in Business Administration and Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Law, Quantitative Processes, Additional Qualifications and an internship. Blättern. In the integrative area Business Sciences: Business Informatics, Economic Education, Statistics, Econometrics, and commercial Languages. "Nourishing mother" (Latin term for university). Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren. Bei der Entwicklung der Navigationssysteme werden Simulationsumgebungen eingesetzt, in welchen die Kameras mit simuliert werden. SEO rating for Modules are complete didactic units, which contain lectures, tutorials, seminars, as well as practical work and self-study periods. Mehr dazu im Studienfeld: Chemie, Pharmazie. Paid for by every student with the semester fee; turns the student identity card into a ticket for public transportation (currently local and regional transportation across Saxony) for the whole semester; a poll decides whether the students want the semester ticket. This information is not translated. 1. winter semester: October – March. Standard period of study for full-time studies, Standard period of study for part-time studies, A prerequisite for application is the general high-school graduation certificate (Abitur) or, General information regarding NC selection procedures can be found. all applicants who have a valid qualification for university entrance and whose application is submitted in time and according to the required form generally receive a place to study. Therefore, you need to apply for an applicant ID and BAN via. It is important to be aware of the application deadlines because they are usually before the general application deadlines. This degree program relates to the following specialized course at the Studienkolleg: This course participates in the Dialog-oriented Service Procedure (Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren - DoSV). Some courses of study require an assessment of aptitude for the desired course of study or subject in addition to the qualification for university entrance. Faculty; division of a university, which consists of a group of scientific fields (traditional structuring unit). Preparatory courses; institution in various college cities, where foreign applicants (with secondary school certificates that do not allow immediate admission to a course of study) can prepare for the assessment test of aptitude. -    Successfully passed TU Dresden entrance examination (equivalent to the general university entrance qualification), see Zwischenprüfung; prerequisite for the Diplom examination, Lecture; course in which a lecturer from the pertaining field presents the contents, Course catalogue; directory of all courses, which is published at the beginning of the semester and available for purchase, Mandatory elective; a module that can be chosen from a variety of choices, Postgraduate studies are courses of study that require the successful completion of a previous course of study. Extended senate; among others responsible for electing the rector as well as for resolutions and changes regarding the constitution of the TU Dresden. Kunath, Georg-Schumann-Bau (SCH), Münchner Platz 3, Raum C 165, TU Dresden Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften Dekanat 01062 Dresden, Attention: charges apply! top of page. Applicants with foreign higher education entrance qualifications that do not allow immediate admission to a university in Germany, can attend a Studienkolleg (preparatory college) to acquire the subject-specific university entrance qualification. This course participates in the Dialog-oriented Service Procedure (Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren - DoSV). TU NC (subject-related): in some courses of study, students have to choose one to two majors or minors. Non-EU nationals apply directly to Sie koordiniert die Bewerbungen für grundständige Studiengänge und ist zuständig für die Durchführung des Zentralen Vergabeverfahrens von bundesweit zulassungsbeschränkten Studienplätzen in den Fächern Humanmedizin, Tiermedizin, Zahnmedizin und … Annotated course catalogue; an annotated list of the courses offered by a certain department. The study programme ends with the writing of a research-oriented Bachelor thesis. here. Please contact us for an appointment or refer to the office hours. Technische Universität Dresden … The value indicates the grade point average or the waiting period of the last admitted applicant on the ranking list, i.e. De-registration; removal from the list of students (departure from a university), Student representatives of a certain field or faculty. Datenschutz; Über Wiki StuRa HTW Dresden Gerald Patrick Cullen, Tel. Requires eligible practical work experience of usually no less than one year. Re-registration; necessary renewal of the registration at the beginning of the semester, Certificate; proof of academic achievement or confirmation of the successful participation in a course; often prerequisite for exam admission. Academic degree/successfully passed university examination, Scientific paper for acquiring a doctoral degree, European Credit Transfer System: European point system for transferring course work, Eignungsfestellungsverfahren, Eignungsprüfung/-test/-gespräch. Semester fee; fee that students have to pay at the beginning of the semester; contains fees for the student union, the students’ council, and the cost for the semester ticket. EBW (1-3)/GER B2+ mind. EU and EEA nationals, as well as educational residents (Bildungsinländer), apply directly to the Foundation for Higher Education Admission for these subjects ( There are no admission restrictions for the course of study or for the subject, i.e. Janet On-page Analysis, Page Structure, Backlinks, Competitors and Similar Websites. Should you, as an international applicant, be unable to meet the all of the requirements, you are able to catch up by taking part in a preparatory course (a German language or Studienkolleg course). Student union; an independent public institution, responsible for the social concerns and interest of students (student residences, canteens, BAföG etc.). Additionally, the regulations can be viewed on the website of the responsible unit. Technische Universität Dresden Immatrikulationsamt 01062 Dresden, Bürogebäude Strehlener Str. Accreditation is not intended for degree programmes with a state examination. Study schedule; a recommendation as to which courses should be attended in which semester in order to finish the course of study within the standard period of study. Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes can be studied consecutively at different universities, at different kinds of post-secondary institutions, as well as with periods of professional life between the first and the second degree. TU Dresden Official Announcements contains all published regulations. Course; can be a lecture, seminar, tutorial, practical course, or colloquium. german 01062 Dresden. Beginn: Wintersemester. for missing information. :(0351) 463 31684, E-Mail: Einschreibung: über LSKonline: Zielgruppe: insbesondere Studenten der Fak. According to government regulations, you must hold a health insurance policy from a public insurer until you are 30 years old. summer semester: April – September, 4. Information can be found on the admissions office’s homepage. Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Faculty of Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering, "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH), Application procedure for German applicants and, General information for the degree programme, a comparable qualification for admission to higher education, Business and Economics Education (Master), Business Ethics and Responsible Management (Master), Student Representatives Economic Sciences, 14.01.2021 UNI LIVE - Online Hochschulinformationstag. The Saxon university fee schedule regulates exceptions. The TU Dresden currently offers technical distance learning programmes in civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Therefore, you need to apply for an applicant ID and BAN via Hochschulstart, before submitting your application to TU Dresden. Some subjects have admissions restrictions (Numerus clausus = NC), which are based on the grade point average of your school-leaving certificate. Course record book; upon registration each student receives a course record book; it is used for collecting certificates, which are proof of the regular and successful attendance of practical work, courses, or seminars, and has to be presented when applying for exams. Full study semester; semesters (half a year) completed in a course of study and subject. Second degree course; registration for a second, complete course of study after the successful completion of another course of study in Germany, Intermediate exam; exam after the first part of the programme (for non-modularised courses of study with an at least 8 semester long standard period of study); for Diplom courses of study: Vordiplom, Last modified: Event organised by the faculty or by the coordinators of the degree programmes at the beginning of the studies; you will receive the dates and study documents from the admission office (brochure “So geht’s los”), Two meanings: Additionally, students have to choose courses from the following elective modules according to their main field of study. Mehr dazu im Studienfeld: Forst­wissen­schaften, -wirtschaft. Key topics of this research project are the development of the appropriate methods and algorithms those realize the information technology of remotely sensed data processing and analysis . :(0351) 463 31683, E-Mail: Einschreibung: über LSKonline: Zielgruppe: Primarily students of physics and chemistry, though the course is also appropriate for students of mathematics, engineering, materials science, and other sciences: Voraussetzung: TU- Zert. Students can specialize in the fields of Business, Economics or the integrative area Business Sciences. General information regarding NC selection procedures can be found In order to start studying at TU Dresden, a number of criteria must be fulfilled. Student employment agency; a team of the students’ council that helps with the job hunt, General qualification for the acquisition of key qualifications (e.g. Mrs Contact the ServiceCenterStudies:. TU NC: The number of places to study is limited; the places are awarded directly by the TU Dresden. (*) Offered in English in winter semester. European exchange programme regarding internships for graduates, Saxon internship office for international internships, Lehrzentrum Sprachen und Kulturen: centre for languages and cultures, Platform for the registration into language courses at the TU Dresden. communication skills, presentation skills, team work), First university degree that qualifies for a profession, Federal Training Assistance Act; possibility to finance studies (for German students ; in special cases also for students from EU-countries), application through the grant office at the student union Dresden, Each September, the university offers courses in chemistry, mathematics, and physics, which are supposed to introduce students to the fields and refresh their Abitur, i.e.

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